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The growing potential of the Internet in Brazil is astonishing. According to figures from Ibope Net Ratings, in July 2008 over 23.7 million people accessed the Internet, a 28% increase comparing to the same figure last year. Research groups have already said this is only the start of a trend that may see the South American country between the three biggest Internet bases in the world.

Ibope Net Ratings has also registered the habits of Brazilian when surfing the Internet. A new revealing fact here. Brazilian net users spend monthly 24 hours 54 minutes on the Internet. This is substantially superior than even North American standards – 20 hours 30 minutes – or Germans – 21 hours 20 minutes.  Taking into account the fact that currently 35 million homes have Internet access, these numbers are the proof that Brazilians are net addicts.

Conservative figures estimate that the number of homes with Internet access will grow by 50% in 5 years, which makes Brazil as the place to invest for Internet companies. In the meantime, Brazilians fulfill their addiction on the millions of Internet cafes – or Lan Houses – spread across the country (such as the one in the picture).


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