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Direct foreign investment from South American countries in the US has been growing rapidly, particularly in IT. In spite of the current wariness of investors, foreign IT companies have made big gains in the US within the last 8 years. According to the Commerce Department’s Bureau of Economic Analysis direct investments in the sector have increased dramatically reaching 196 million dollars in 2007, from a tiny base of 3 million dollars in 2000.

Brazil is by far the largest investor, with at least five important IT vendors (Modulo, Noordek, Actminds, Politec and Stefanini) expanding rapidly in the American market. Brazil has long been a pioneer in science and technology policies, research development and investment in the IT industry. The Brazilian government has granted a variety of incentives offering tax breaks to subsidize development and boost the IT market which now translated in highly competitive transnational companies.

One of such organizations is Modulo, developer of IT Governance Risk and Compliance solutions. Since opening its offices in the United States, Modulo has achieved great success thanks to partnerships with high-profile clients across America. These include the prestigious New York University’s Medical Center – premier center for health care and research –, Delta Dental – America’s largest dental benefits carrier – and Greenstone – amongst the four most important agricultural lenders in the country.


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